#MEQAPI TweetChat

On an average year, the estimates are that between 90,000 and 400,000 patients in America die untimely deaths due to medical error and missed opportunities. (The earlier IHI studies estimated 90,000, and more recent research hints at 400,000). The toll of injury related to medical error runs into the millions, and the financial cost of waste, medically unnecessary care, and dealing with sequelae of mistakes runs into the billions of dollars.

While we may object to various technical aspects of the research papers, find fault with elements of the methodology, or just plan balk at the thought of physicians killing patients, clearly healthcare is in need of quality improvement.

The MEQAPI tweetchat aims to give voice to a broad range of stakeholders in healthcare quality, and will include everyone from administrators to zoologists, and include physicians, nurses, researchers, bed czars, cleaners, and yes, patients and care-givers.

The format will follow a similar structure to the famous and well-loved examples of #HITSM, #HCLDR, and #IrishMed – guest moderators will pose 4-6 topics in sequence, aimed at igniting discussion and interaction.

If you would like to moderate a #MEQAPI tweetchat or suggest some topics, please contact us at @MEQAPI, or email mloxton@meqapi.org.

Oh, and the first #MEQAPI chat will take place on Thursday 12th Jan at 15:00-16:00 ET

See you there!


Published by

Matthew Loxton

Healthcare Analyst using Lean Six Sigma, Knowledge Management, & Organizational Learning to improve healthcare http://linkedin.com/in/mloxton

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