#MEQAPI Tweetchat Jan 19 2017

Next tweetchat: Thursday January 19th, 2017 3:00-4:00 PM ET

MEQAPI stands for Monitoring & Evaluation, Quality Assurance, and Process Improvement.

The MEQAPI tweetchat aims to give voice to a broad range of stakeholders in healthcare quality, and will include everyone from administrators to zoologists, and include physicians, nurses, researchers, bed czars, cleaners, and yes, patients and care-givers.

The format will follow a similar structure to the famous and well-loved examples of #HITSM, #HCLDR, and #IrishMed – guest moderators will pose 4-6 topics in sequence, aimed at igniting discussion and interaction.

Three healthcare domains in which we might want to pay close attention are Care Policies, Care technologies, and care flow.

The following topics will be posed this week related to Healthcare Policy and how quality can be seen in terms of risks, issues, and opportunities:

  1. How should governmental or organizational health policies be subjected to Monitoring & Evaluation
  2. What policies fail at least one element of Safety, Timely, Efficiency, Effectiveness, Equitability, Patient Centered
  3. How should we monitor cost, morbidity, and mortality effects of a policy or law
  4. What role do the medical NGOs, journals, and professional bodies play in healthcare improvement
  5. How can providers and patients drive improvements in healthcare policy



Published by

Matthew Loxton

Healthcare Analyst using Lean Six Sigma, Knowledge Management, & Organizational Learning to improve healthcare http://linkedin.com/in/mloxton

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