Life During COVID-19

I am doing two research studies during and related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  1. An Appreciative Inquiry look at how healthcare stakeholders have been responding to the pandemic
  2. A 10-20 year Foresight study on what the alternate futures might be, and what forces of change may be driving us down those paths


Upcoming #MEQAPI Chats

Here is the schedule for forthcoming #MEQAPI chats

  • Nov 16 – No Chat
  • Nov 23 – Obesity and practice. Adapting to the increase in patient obesity rates
  • Nov 30 – No Chat (PEX VA conference)
  • Dec 7 – No Chat (Visiting ZA)
  • Dec 21 – Perfecting Practice – What would a perfect practice look like from QI perspective

Unscheduled but planned:

  • TBI & PTSD
  • Healthcare laws
  • Perfecting Patients
  • Perfecting Physician Education

Note: suggestions welcome! – Please DM @meqapi or use the #MEQAPI hashtag to pass on your ideas/